What Is An E-mail Address, Why Should I Get A Postal Address?

In the internet world, many website subscriptions require email addresses. Today, there are no internet users without an e-mail address. People now need e-mail addresses in many areas. The e-mail address is now used as a communication tool. The most common email tools today are gmail, Hotmail, Yandex, Outlook and yahoo. The most preferred among these service providers is Gmail service. Gmail offers the ability to control YouTube and other google services from a single account.

What Does an Email Address Do?

By having an e-mail address, you can send a file to a different personal e-mail address. You can communicate with your relatives by e-mail. You can register for social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn with your e-mail address.

How to open Gmail

Log in to Gmail.com. Click on the recording section. Set yourself a new e-mail address. Set a username like neweposta@gmail.com . If the e-mail address you want to receive is already taken, you will receive a warning message. Alternative names that you can get are provided. After determining the name, you must set a new password for yourself. Your password must be at least 8 characters. To keep your password strong, use numbers and special symbols next to upper and lower case letters. To open a Gmail account, you must completely fill in the following information requested from you:

Name and Surname

Your Username (i.e. Your E-Mail Address)

Your Password (At least 8 Characters)

Birthday (as Day, Month, Year)

Your Gender Information

Your Mobile Number

Your current email address

Location (Your Country)

After filling in this information, you can click the next step button and click the I agree button that comes up and create your gmail account. You can see how to open gmail address step by step from the link below.

How to Open Hotmail

Opening a Hotmail account consists of a few simple steps such as opening a gmail account. To open a Hotmail account, login to the Hotmail.com site. You can enter the information requested from you below and activate your membership.

Name and Surname

Your Username (i.e. Your E-Mail Address)

Your Password (At Least 8 Characters and Capital / Lowercase Letters)

Your Country and Region

Date of Birth (Day, Month, Year)

Your Gender Information

Your Mobile Number (For Account Security)

Enter the Characters You See In The Designated Field

After entering your information completely, you can open your Hotmail account by clicking the create account button. You can learn how to get a hotmail address from the link below.