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Greetings to you all. As you all know, mail is a must in this age. Now we have our job applications, communication etc. we do everything through mails. That’s why everyone should definitely have an e-mail address . Today we will show you how to open an email account. In this article, we tried to explain how you can become a member of the 4 most popular mail service providers in our country. You can click here to learn more about these service providers .

Opening E-Mail

In our article, we will talk about 4 different mail services. All of them are reliable and free of charge services. You can choose someone you want and open an e-mail. Now let’s examine the e-mails we recommend one by one.

 1-) Gmail

Currently, the most popular mail provider is Gmail. This mail service provider is a service of Google and, like other mail service providers, it is free. To learn how to sign up for Gmail step by step, you can read our article How to Open a Google Gmail Account  by clicking here  .

 A-) Search by mail from Your Browser

Search for “gmail”  in your browser and click the link for  . If you searched like in the picture, click the link at the top.

B-) Click Create Account Button

The page you see may change when you enter. Because Google is constantly changing this page. Located at the bottom  of the Create Account  button is the same place even if the button at the top right. Click whichever one you click and you will be directed to the same page.

C-) Fill the Registration Forum

After here, fill the classic membership form. If you do not know how to fill in, you can get detailed information by clicking the link given above.

2-) Outlook

Outlook is our mail service provider owned by Windows. Although it is not as famous and used as Gmail, it still has a large audience of users. For detailed information about Outlook and if you want to have a more detailed membership guide, you can click here to read our article, How to Open an Outlook Account Step by Step  .

A-) Search in Outlook Form From Your Browser

Click on the link where we checked and searched as shown in the picture.

B-) Press Create Account Button

In the first place you see, there is a button called Create Free Account,  as we marked immediately  . Click it and you will be taken to the registration form screen.

C-) Fill in the Registration Form

Enter the information requested from you one by one on the page that appears and become a member. If you want to get more detailed information, you can click on the link above.

3-) Hotmail

Hotmail, like Outlook, is a mail service owned by Windows. In the past, when the most famous mail service provider was Hotmail, Google announced Gmail and dethroned itself in a short time. Click here to learn more about Hotmail .

A-) Search by Hotmail

As in the others, search for hotmail  and click the link in the first row. Since Hotmail and Outlook are owned by the same company, you can subscribe to both accounts from the same location.

B-) Go to Account Creation Page

You sign up on the same page as Outlook. Reach the registration form by clicking the marked place.

C-) Fill in the Registration Form

This is the only difference between Outlook and where to sign up for Hotmail. In the place we marked,  writes first  . You have to click it  and select . The rest is the same with Outlook anyway.

4-) Yandex

Yandex is a famous company in our country. Mail also use the browser pretty much not used a user has in Turkey. Yandex’s main audience is located in Russia. Click here for more detailed information about becoming a Yandex member .

A-) Search Yandex.

We do the same things we do in all mail services.

B-) Click on the Sign Up Button

Go to the sign up page by clicking on the marked place.

C-) Fill In The Form

Fill out the form and complete your membership.

In this article, we showed you how to become a member of 4 different mail services. You can click on the links provided to get detailed information about these services. See you in our next articles