My Gmail Account Stolen – How Can I Get It Back

Millions of people use Gmail , one of the most beautiful services offered by the Google search engine to users . In fact, it is one of the most used mail services. As such, the most hacking of mail accounts is happening in gmail. If your gmail account was stolen, you can get it back by following the steps below.

Recover stolen gmail account

Step 1 To get back your stolen gmail account, let’s first go to the gmail account login page. Let’s click on the I forgot my password link.

Step 2  Enter the last password you used for this account on the screen that appears. If you remember the password, enter the password and press the next button. If you do not remember the password, click the try another method link. If you enter the password section, go to step 3 . If you clicked try another method, you can skip to step 4 .

Step 3 During the account recovery phase, you will be asked a security question. Come to the Gmail password reset section and enter the last password you remember. You will be faced with a security question. If you remember your old password, write it in the specified field. You will be asked to verify your account with your mobile phone number registered in the Google system. You can reset your password to the verification process with your mobile phone number.

Try to use special characters to make your password difficult to find. ½ We recommend that you add special characters such as @ # * to your password.

Step 4 When you come to the Try another method section, you are asked to enter the mobile phone you entered. If your phone number is old or you are having trouble receiving a message, click the link “My phone is not with me”. If your phone is with you, you can reset your password along with the verification code. If you clicked the”My phone is not with me” link, skip to step 5 .

Step 5 We come to the last security question in Gmail password reset. If you were not able to answer the above security questions, you must answer this security question to reset your password. In this security question, you will be asked for an e-mail address that you have previously added to your account. You can reach your stolen gmail account with the verification code sent to this e-mail address.

Step 6 If you have not found a solution from this section, you can ask gmail authorities to examine your account by entering the email address you are currently using.

You can retrieve your stolen gmail account by following the steps we gave above. If there is a part that you are stuck with or cannot do, you can reach us in the comment field.