I Forgot My Instagram Password, How Can I Find It?

When it comes to social media, the first platform that comes to mind is undoubtedly Instagram . We get nervous when we forget the Instagram password, which is very often preferred by social media users who love to share photos. When you forget your Instagram password, you can reset the password in 3 ways.

Password Renewal Methods

  • Reset password by e-mail
  • Password reset via sms
  • Password reset with Facebook account
  • When Instagram Password Renewal Is Done

If you experience any of the following problems, you can reset your Instagram password.

  • I forgot my password, I don’t know my e-mail
  • Password reset email does not come
  • I forgot my password, I cannot reach my e-mail
  • I changed my email address that I used to register
  • I don’t remember which email address I registered with

After recent updates to Instagram, it has become very easy to solve such problems. In order to renew your password, you need the phone you use Instagram, the email address you registered with or your facebook account when you set it up.

Intagram Password Renewal Process by E-mail

Instagram renew password for https://www.instagram.com/accounts/password/reset/  click on the address. In the box here, write your e-mail address that you used during registration. Click the Send login link button. You can reset your password by clicking the verification link sent to your e-mail.

How to Renew Instagram Password via SMS

Click on the Instagram password reset link. Type in the phone number you used to register and click the ” send login link ” button. Complete the password renewal process by clicking the renewal link on your phone.

Renew Instagram Password with Facebook account

If you are registered on Instagram with a Facebook account, you can reset your password through this account. To do this, click the ” Connect with Facebook ” option on the password reset link . Connect to your Facebook account. Write the email address you use on your Facebook account in the box on the Instagram password reset link and click the “send login link” section. When you click on the link to your Facebook mail, you will see the Instagram password renewal screen.