How To Use Onedrive, How To Set It Up

You can use OneDrive , the cloud storage system offered by Microsoft to its users , for free. It can also be used on your desktop computer, mobile phone and mac pc. You must have a Microsoft account to use it for free. If you have an Outlook or Hotmail account, you can log in to your mail account.

How to Set Up Microsoft OneDrive

You can install Microsoft OneDrive on any system you use and use your Microsoft cloud  storage on all devices for free . Now let’s explain the individual installation steps for all devices.

Computer Onedrive Setup

You need to have a Microsoft account before installing it on your computer. As we said above, if you have an or account, you can log in with one of them. If you do not have any mail account, you can open a mail account from the link below.

 We open the OneDrive program on our computer with Microsoft operating system. You can search by clicking the start tab with the Windows logo at the bottom left. If you do not have the OneDrive program on your computer, you can download it from the link we will give. 

 After opening the program, enter your e-mail address and click the login button.

3 We  enter your Microsoft account password and click the login button. This is the process. Your 5 GB of cloud storage is ready.

OneDrive Setup on Mac

You can easily use OneDrive on your Mac computer with iOS operating system. You can install it by following the steps below.

Let’s log in to the OneDrive web page.

 We click the sign in link in the upper right corner and sign in with our microsoft account.

 Click the Get OneDrive apps link and download it.

4 Click the Onedrive icon to open the application.

Using iOS iPhone OneDrive

 Download the onedrive application from the link we gave above.

2 Sign in with your Microsoft account.

 After logging in, click the + icon at the top right.

4 By  clicking the Upload link, you can select the pictures or videos you want to upload to your OneDrive account and upload them to your cloud space.

Android Phone OneDrive Setup

 Download the onedrive application from the link we gave above.

 Open the app and sign in with your Microsoft account

 Click the add, then upload icon in the upper right corner.

 You can selectively upload your photos or videos to your cloud account.