Forgot Outlook Password Step By Step Password Reset

Having more than one email address causes passwords and passwords to be forgotten. We all experience the problem of forgetting passwords and passwords in daily life. If you have forgotten your Outlook password and password, read our series of articles carefully. After reading this series of articles, we will tell you how to get back your account whose password and password you forgot.

Outlook Password Reset

To reset the Outlok password, we first open the login page to our mail account.   Type your Outlook account you want to recover in the window that opens and click next.

Did you come to the password entry field as above and forget your password? Click on the link that says. On the page that opens, you will be asked for the recovery email, phone number or verification code you used while registering.

Getting Password by Mail

Write this email you are using in the bottom part. The information required to get a new password is sent to this address by e-mail. If you can’t remember your email address, you should try other methods. For this, you should check the “I have none of them” option below on the same page. If you have a recovery code during Outlook subscription, you can also get your password back with it.

Getting Password by Phone

How would you like to receive your Security code , which comes across after clicking the Forgot your password link If your phone number appears on the page, you can reset your password by sending a code to your phone. If you do n’t have access to the phone, click the link I do n’t have any of these .

Recover Your Account

If you could not get a password for your mail or phone number, you should carefully fill in the information in this section. You can recover your Outlook password if you provide correct information here. Take care to enter the requested information in the form completely and accurately. Your email address will be returned to you within 24 hours. If Microsoft has not accepted your application, you have no choice but to get a new Outlook account.